Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Flamenco Festival

Not long got back from a drive through Spain.
We first went to buy some wine at the Baron de Ley Bodegas in Mendavia  a wonderful place if not off the beaten track. The Monastery was beautiful.
From there we spent the night in a great hotel in Zaragoza just opposite the fantastic Basillica of Our Lady of the Pilar.
Then we drove to Calpe for the rest of the holiday.
We did however spend a night in the Parador at Javea which is always a treat. Whilst there we noticed that there was going to be a Flamenco Festival later that week so we booked a couple of tickets.
The evening was held in the gardens of the Parador and frankly was fantastic.
I have put a short video of one of the pieces.
Unfortunately I had to film it from my seat which was luckily a few rows back from the front but it did mean I was looking up and the lady in front kept moving her head around so I only have one piece which does not include her. Also I don't have a decent sound system so I apologise for that.
As I always do, I had my 24 to 85 mm zoom with me so this was taken around 70 mm. It could have been much better but sometimes you have to get what you can regardless of the circumstances.
Click on the Flamenco Festival link below.

Flamenco Festival

Sunday, 28 August 2016

La Rochelle - August 2016.

Just bought a second hand French SUV so naturally we drove to France to test it out, would you believe, in this day and age you still have to stick stickers on you headlamps to deflect the beams.
Perhaps French manufacturers haven't discovered a simpler way of doing it yet, perhaps they should take a look at Volvo for inspiration.
Ann and I caught the Ferry from Poole to Cherbourg, arriving early afternoon. (If you do the same trip, fill up with fuel before going as there seems to be a distinct lack of Garages on the way down).
We arrived around 20:00 and went straight out to find a bar. The place was heaving with French tourists as you can see from the pictures. I have not seen so many Restaurants filled in many a year.
Ann and I were in La Rochelle for three nights and had a great time with plenty of walking and loads of opportunities for photographs.
I have included a few including some panoramas from La Rochelle and one from Mont Saint Michel which we drove by on the way back.
You can see more on my Web Site or Flickr.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Oxford Photographer. Kim Martin Photographic. Commercial Professional Photographer. Focal Length

I get a lot of questions about which lens to use and why, also what are the differences between focal lengths and why use one over another.
So to try and explain I have done a series of shots using 5 different lenses 2 zooms and 3 primes.
The first 5 shots are all taken from the same spot 4 feet away from ZENA (the warrior princess, don't worry she's armless) with the 70 - 200 mm zoom. The major difference from the 70 mm shot (first) to the 200 mm shot (last) is that the frame gets progressively full of the face with no distortion the closer you get. The focal lengths from the first image to the fifth is as follows: 70,85,105,135,200.

The 5 above show the results from the 24 - 85 mm zoom. You will notice that, as the point of view and distance do not change, the relationship with the background also does not change other than you can see more of it the wider you go. The focal lengths from the first to the fifth are as follows: 24,35,50,70,85.
Apart from a slight quality change there are few differences when using the prime from 35, 50 and 85 mm shown below.

The next series of 13 images below are taken with the same settings and lenses, but this time I am trying to get Zena the same size in the frame each time, which means I have to start a long way back with the 200 mm. and slowly move closer to the subject each time I change focal length to a wider one, 24 mm. The differences are, that the relationship between the background and the subject changes as does the distortion of the face, the background distance seems to get compressed the longer the lens you use, and getting closer to the subject with the wider lens brings the foreground closer to the lens which makes the nose bigger and everything else radiating from that point gets progressively smaller. which can be clearly seem from the first image taken with the 24 mm focal length at a very close distance from Zena.

The focal lengths are as follows: 24,35,50,70,85. Then 70,85,105,135,200.

The last 3 above are with the primes from 35, 50 and 85 mm.
I trust this helps a little if not and you need more clarification let me know.