Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween 2017

The Kidlington Centre had a special week last week,
The Kids of Kidlington were encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes and visit the Centre shops where they were given free sweets. The Kidlington Centre also provided a face painter on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Jade was the painter and she was very good and all the Kids had a great time, hunting spiders eating sweets and frightening everyone.
I was asked to take some pictures so I set up a couple of lights in a "clamshell" configuration, so that I could get some reasonable images of the finished painted faces.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Sublime Science 2017


The Kidlington Centre hosted another visit from Sublime Science for the Kids of Kidlington on Friday 4th August..

I was asked to take a few photographs of the event, which was great fun.
I set up a basic cross lighting setup with two flashes on either side quite high up and pointing to the centre of the performance area and one flash on a monopod inside a small softbox which I used for any closeups.
The reason for the flashes were just in case the ambient light decreased, if it did then the flashes would allow me to continue to photograph at the same aperture and shutter-speed. So once set I didn't have anything to focus on other than getting the shots.
My setting were 1/125th sec at f9.0 ISO 200. I took around 500 images all of which were well exposed with no throwaway's.You can see one of the Umbrellas up in the left hand corner of the image the other one was on the right.

To see a few of the images you can click on the following link:

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Kidlington Camera Club


I am presenting an evening of Photography Tuition at the Kidlington Camera Club on 4th September 2017 at 19:30. Anyone interested in Photography is welcome to come and can even join as a new Member.

I have been asked to do a presentation on the opening night of the Kidlington Camera Club 2017 - 2018 season.

So what to do, I gave it a lot of thought about what might appeal to both experienced and beginners alike and came up with "how to use a single small flash off camera". The reason I chose this is, I have found that most photographers tend to shy away from using flash off camera because of several factors. The first is that, cables, triggers and stands all cost a lot and of course you have to lug the extra stuff around. Second is just the fear of using something that requires a different thought process to just having the flash on the camera.
The thought process is not that difficult it is just that you need to remember that with flash you have two exposures before triggering the camera. The ambient exposure and the flash exposure..

I have come up with a number of different ways to use one small flash plus a reflector to give a variety of different options. In fact I will be demonstrating 18 different ways and positions for placing the small flash and reflector, that's not a definitive list in fact I could have come up with a load more. The ones I am demonstrating are simple and use basic inexpensive equipment.
I have recently purchased a new 5 in 1 reflector from Lencarta which I am looking forward to using. It's called a 5 in 1 for a good reason but I will be showing you at least 9 different uses.

I am lucky as I will be accompanied by the beautiful Erica, a model I had the pleasure of photographing in December last year, she has promised to help with the demonstrations which include the members of Kidlington Camera Club having a chance to blind pick a set up, and with my help, putting the set up together and getting a great shot of Erica, all with just the one small flash and a reflector.

What I will not be doing is droning on about my Photography Career as a Professional Commercial Photographer and boring the pants of everyone, I will keep the chat to a minimum and concentrate mainly on the demonstrations and answer as many questions as I can at the same time.

So why not come along to the opening night of Kidlington Camera Club on the 4th September at 19:30. They hold their gathering at Foresters Hall (first Floor) in the High Street between The Kidlington Shopping Centre and Tesco. I trust I will see you there.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Red Nose Day at The Kidlington Centre

Red Nose Day at The Kidlington Centre

It was Red Nose Day today and the Kidlington and Gosford Leisure Centre with Legacy Leisure rowed across the English Channel and the staff of Ubuntu had a Red Nose cake sale
Two Staff from the Leisure Centre took part, rowing on Static Rowing Machines with two work experience boys from the local school.
They were Niall Huckins, Gabriel Rooma  with Alec Anthony and Luke Brennan, later on they were joined by Charlotte Leach.
Both events were held at The Kidlington Centre High Street Kidlington.


Monday, 27 February 2017

Photographic Community Project

On the following dates I will be running a free help and advice service at The Kidlington Centre High Street Kidlington, in Unit 13 for anyone who has a question to ask or help that is needed with a photographic problem.
17th March - 18th March - 31st March - 1st April. between 10 am. until 1 pm. Each day.

I you are interested come along.
Whatever the question the only daft one is the one you don't ask.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Erica Gouveia

I had a shoot just before Christmas with a new local model called Erica, she came with her Mum who was a great help as my Studio is small and there would not have been enough room for Amy, my assistant plus everyone else.
Luckily I had recently acquired an evening gown for my dummy which I was going to use for an upcoming course. I had bought a small size which luckily fitted Erica perfectly.
As the Christmas lights were up in the garden we did some shots in front of them and also added a little smoke. All lit with small strobes and Erica's Mum working the smoke.
We moved into the Studio for the remainder of the shoot, using a combination of soft boxes grids and beauty dish.
At the end of the shoot we had only fired off around 300 shots which is not that many for me, perhaps I am slowing down a little.
We did several outfit changes.
The post processing is a little bit strong for someone as young as Erica.
The next time we shoot I will have a better idea as to what the outcome will be and how the finished images will look. It is always a bit hit and miss on the first shoot with a new model and especially one without a great deal of experience. As a model, Erica was very easy to work with and took direction well, I am looking forward to the next shoot.
Happy New Year to you all, and keep the questions coming in.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Xmas at The Kidlington Centre

The Kidlington Centre lights and carol event and The New Theatre Commitments promotion.

On the 2nd December the lights were turned on by Nick Cope who also sang some of his unique song to lots of children.
The choirs from West Kidlington Primary School and St Thomas More Primary School sang some carols, both Schools were excellent.
I had to flashes in shoot through umbrellas either side of the performance area both set to 1/2 power at their widest zoom. The camera settings were 1/60th second at f 5.6 ISO 1600. This allowed for a certain amount of ambient to fill in the flash. Because there was no stage it was difficult to get great shots as there were a lot of small children in front of me who were enjoying them selves.
The other shoot on the same day was also at the Centre. It was a promotion event held by The New Theatre for the Commitments show in January 2017, they wanted people to come along and sing and strum a guitar and film their performance and put it on Facebook. The event was looked after by Susie and Eran.